Accessing Early Intervention Services

Eligibility and Services

Children from birth to age three who have special needs due to developmental delays and disabilities are eligible to receive Early Intervention services, at no cost. The services provided to children and their families differ based upon the individual needs and strengths of each child and the child’s family. Services may be provided in the child’s home, child care center, nursery school, play group, Head Start program, or other settings familiar to the family. Early Intervention supports and services are embedded in typical routines and activities, within the family, community and/or early care and education settings. This approach provides frequent, meaningful practice and skill-building opportunities.

Early Intervention Costs

Early Intervention services are provided at no cost to families.

Is my child eligible for Early Intervention Services?

To determine if your child is eligible for services, caregivers can contact their county’s local Early Intervention office. Contact numbers are provided below for the counties where Aspirations provides services.

County NameContact Phone #
Adams County(717) 771-9618
Chester County(610) 344-6000
Cumberland County (717) 240-6320
Dauphin County(717) 441-7034
Franklin County(717) 709-4321
Fulton County(717) 709-4321
Huntingdon County(717) 248-6733
Juniata County(717) 248-6733
Lancaster County(717) 399-7323
Lebanon County(717) 274-3415
Mifflin County(717) 248-6733
Perry County(717) 240-6320
York County(717) 771-9618
Accessing Aspirations early intervention development services and support